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Hints & Tips

Let Espresso Road show you how you can be your own barista, and get the best tasting coffee in your own home using café quality coffee making equipment.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best at home coffee experience.


  • Use a quality espresso coffeee machine and burr coffee grinder
  • Buy only freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Keep the beans in a ziplock bag with air squeezed out
  • Grind beans just before use
  • Use a (est.) 15kg tamp, vary only the grind
  • Adjust the grinder for a 25 second double shot
  • Use your usual fresh beans during the adjusting process
  • Make sure both the group and cups are hot
  • Make sure the jug and milk are both cold
  • Start with wand tip just under the milk surface
  • As the milk bulks up drop the tip but keep the “swirl”
  • The tip-to-milk-surface relationship is important

We love to talk coffee!  Don’t hesitate to contact us today, or come taste the crema for yourself in our central city showrooms, 30 Somerset Street in Hamilton.